Doing Business in Bali -

Choosing an appropriate company model is an essential first step in the process of establishing or expanding your business in Indonesia. Generally, investments in Indonesia can be categorized as either domestic (Penanaman Modal Dalam Negeri or PMDN) or foreign direct investments (Penanaman Modal Asing or PMA). Foreign direct investment companies in Indonesia, established under full foreign ownership or under joint venture structure, should be incorporated as Indonesian Limited Liability Companies (Perseroan Terbatas (PT) and domiciled in Indonesia. read more

Property Due Diligence -

Wether you are buying, selling or leasing a property in Bali, we can provide you with reliable and accurate evaluation based on our comprehensive research, allowing you to make well informed and wise investment decisions. Since we are not a brokerage company, you can rely on impartiality of our Property Due Diligence Reports - tailor made based on your goals, needs and Bali-specific conditions. We will guide you through property related zoning and urbanization plans and tax regulations. Moreover, through our law partner offices, we will provide you with a full range of legal services, thereby ensuring safety and legality of your investment. read more

Retirement in Indonesia -

The retirement visa facility is intended to accommodate foreigners that have decided to spend their retirement in Indonesia, allowing renewable stay permits for retirees under some requirements. read more

Amendments to the Immigration Law in Indonesia -

Indonesia has an unusually complex and region-specific set of formal and informal rules that regulate all aspects of family life. Perhaps the most striking difference for a Westerner examining these rules is the fact that not only different set of laws applies to different religious groups of Indonesian citizens, but also different courts are used for different religious groups. read more

Agricultural Land - Right to Cultivate -

For investors in the agricultural sector, foreign companies (PMA) can obtain a leasehold on land under Right to Cultivate or Hak Guna Usaha on state owned or private land. Right to cultivate permits the use of the land for estate or plantation purposes only. It is normally issued for a maximum of 35 years with the possibility to extend for a further 25 years. read more

Understanding the Negative Investment List -

The Negative Investment List Daftar Negatif Investasi is compiled by the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board, BKPM. It stipulates which sectors are open to foreign investment in Indonesia as well as the percentage of foreign ownership permitted. This list is regularly revised with the most recent version being Presidential Decree No.36/2010. read more

Freehold & Leasehold -

Freehold and Leasehold prices of the land in Bali have continuously increased over the past five years. Our recent research has shown that the main areas attracting investments are: Kuta, Tanjung Benoa, and Central Ubud area. read more

Indonesian Land Law -

The basic Indonesian Land Law is Law Number 5 of 1960 (UU 5/1960), also referred to as UUPA (Undang-Undang Pokok Agraria, or the Basic Agrarian Law Act). This law revokes old laws, provisions and regulations creating a uniform system of land rights throughout Indonesia. Generally, Land titles can be classified under two categories: Primary Land Titles and Secondary Land Titles. read more