There is a growing pressure on developers throughout the world to adhere to a raising volume of environmentally friendly and sustainable criteria. The dilemma developers are often faced with is which "green" and "sustainable" set of criteria to choose from, and how to reconcile higher cost of development adherence to these criteria carries with it with the aim to produce profitable projects in a timely manner.


We specialize in providing assistance to investors and developers to navigate through the complex process of planning and managing environmental and sustainable projects. Our approach transforms challenges into new opportunities, allowing investors and developers access to the support of the main stakeholders. This "green" and sustainable approach also lowers the costs associated with the process of ensuring all necessary building permits and licenses are received as planned, allowing the development process to be streamlined in a time and cost efficient manner.



Our focus goes beyond assuring that projects simply fulfill the most basic "green" and "sustainable" criteria - our focus is on ensuring that the project provides added value to the communities within which are being developed, and at the same time contribute to the preservation and improvement of the local environment as well as enhance the economic prosperity of the communities affected by the project.